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Hair Food Serum | Silky Sol Naturals/ Rapid hair Growth and repair oil for curly textured hair types
Hair Food Serum | Silky Sol Vegan Rapid hair Growth and repair oil for curly textured hair types
Hair Food Serum | Silky Sol Naturals/ Rapid hair Growth and repair oil for curly textured hair types. Damage Control
Hair Food Serum | Silky Sol Naturals/ Rapid hair Growth and repair oil for curly textured hair types/ Organic, Vegan, Non-GMO

Silky Sol’s Liquid Hair Vitamin D & Zinc Drops, Extra strength, Rapid Growth, Damage Control that Repairs and Thickens Thin Hair quickly

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Liquid Vegan Hair Vitamin Drops infused with active ingredients vitamin D and Zinc. 

  • is highly effective on - Afro Caribbean Curly Hair types and anything between. 
  • Damage Control formula with a high mineral infusion. 
    Rapid Repair & Re-Growth Extra
    Strength Formula instantly repairs damaged hair follicles and roots, by adding over 20 essential healthy scalp vitamins with muli-functional use.
  •  Everything that grows must be fed! Why not feed your curly hair the best elixir to keep it healthy?
  • This all-natural formula with essential hair healthy vitamins that have been proven to treat hair fall at the cellular level!


  • Vitamin D decreases inflammation of the scalp, improving health of hair follicles, reduces hair loss and increases hair density
  • Zinc reduces androgens hormones levels that contribute to hair loss. Increases the production of Keratin, a proteins that makes up the hair structure, helps strengthen hair follicles and prevents the risk of the hair from breaking. 
  • Easily absorbed light formula 
    Vitamin are safe to use Eyelashes, Eyebrows, and Beard Gaps
  • Reverse and prevent certain alopecia’s,
  • Improve thickness in thin hair
  • Minimize dandruff, itchy, and irritated
  • Reduces traction alopecia by 60% on the first 30 days
  • Safe to use on women, men, and children.
  • Decrease production of DHT(hair thinning hormone)
  • Minimizes breakage and shedding of brittle hair
  • Maintains scalp health allowing hair to thrive and bloom quicker 
  • One drop has been proven to reverse damage & prevent future damage.
  • None Flaking Formula Will NOT dry scalp out like competitors.
  • 1 drop is equal to 3 x the amount of 10 drops of biotin.
  • This is not for medical use nor does it contain any chemicals
    How it is Made: 
    Silky Sol's products are not drop-shipped they are created in the USA and we are the rightful owners of the formula. 

     Created by our advanced herbalist hand poured & infused with pure organic cold-pressed herbal oils and ALKALINE essential minerals fermented and delicately strained to produce a powerful hair growth & fertilizing serum. This serum will get down to the root of your hair fall issues, by delivering a burst of nutrients to dilate the shrunken hair follicles to allow your hair to BLOOM and THRIVE longer.  Our products will continue to allow your hair to grow while causing no additional harm to prior damaged hair follicles or roots.

    1. Shake well.
    2. Feed your scalp topically by placing drops of oil along edges of the hair, under braids or loc, between parts, and on beard gaps, massage in until absorbed.
    2. For dermatitis or flaky scalp use a hot oil treatment for 15 minutes and rinse out.
    3. For eyebrow or lash place 1 drop on applicator brush then applies.
    4. Use after Blooming Roots shampoo and conditioner.
    5. For best results use 3 to 5 times a week.

    Castor Oil, Carrot Seed Oil, Silky Sol’s Carrier Oil Dilutes, Zinc, Tea Tree, JP Supreme Peppermint, Chemical-Free, Cruelty-Free (never tested on animals) Cold Pressed RARE SPANISH Castor 

      This should not be used for medical purposes, this product does not contain chemicals and has not been approved by the FDA, but is Fair Trade safe. NO Refunds or Returns on Hair Care Products. 

      Shipping Cost starts at $4.50 may vary by state.

      59ml. / 2oz 
      Shelf Life 2yrs 

      Available for wholesale and private label options. Email for details. 

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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 10 reviews
      John Miills
      Love the product

      I purchase at a vendor fair at 5th ward multipurpose center. I can see the difference in the thinning area in my hair. Product is light and easy to apply with braids. I will be ordering and trying other products.

      Nijua Heard
      Love Silky Sol products

      Hello everyone! I have been a Silky sol customer for the last 6 years.! I absolutely love their products! When I moved Atlanta, GA to Houston, Texas it never came across my mind that I would actually meet the Queen behind thr products. Mrs. Keisha has been a blessing to meet along with thr amazing products that is all natural! I will continue to support her and her products because it does work for me and my family! 🤗

      Jay Jefferies
      Best Hair Oil...

      Great product, and received it on time..

      Diana Neblett

      I like the product. I had used it before and that was why I ordered it. I had some delivery issues from the pst office and I was told by you that I had to resolve the issue ( which I did). Post office said the person sending the item usually file claims. Luckily I did receive it after going to the Post Office and it’s all good. Mail carrier said she delivered it but didn’t and was riding around with it in her truck (never found out WHY but she delivered it the day I complained to P O). Tracking number was very helpful.
      Great product; I can see my sides beginning to grow. I will keep using it.

      Amanda Sigee
      Great product

      Not heavy, a little goes a long way. Helped grow damaged lashes back. Help with breakage from wearing my hair in a ponytail