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Dry-to-Juicy Leave-in Braid Sheen, Conditioner & Detangling Mist

Dry-to-Juicy Leave-in Braid Sheen, Conditioner & Detangling Mist

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Got Dry Weak Hair? We have the solution! 

Moisture infiltration helps hair to accept moisture which increases porosity levels, it prevents breakage and shedding in color-treated and chemically damaged textured hair. Active Rice water without the nasty smell!

  • Seals in Moisture.
  • Hydrates Dry Curls and Coils.
  • Keeps Natural Styles Longer.
  • Repairs Split Ends.
  • Controls Frizz all day. 
  • Minimizes Shrinkage.


  1. Spray on clean washed hair, blow dry then style.
  2. Spray mist to add shine and moisture to dry curls or coils. 
  3. Spray on hair before combing to untangle hard to manage hair. 
  4. Spray on hair after removing braids or protective style to decrease shedding. 
  5. Use before twisting or natural styling to hold the style longer.

VG Glycerin, Rice brand Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Fermented Rice Water Minerals, Silky Sol Moisture Carrier Blended Essential Oil, Cruelty-Free (never tested on animals) 

236ml. / 8oz 
Shelf Life 2yrs

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